Current DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) models focus on gender, sex, and ethnicity to combat discrimination and promote fairness in educational and business sectors. However, most DEI programs exclude the motivating factor driving our attitudes toward one another: religiosity. 

The nature of the workplace has changed significantly over the past two decades. Companies have become more service-oriented, so employees are expected to be more efficient. At the high school level, education is more acrimonious with the curriculum without student input.

Companies need to put a great deal more emphasis on their employees if they want to compete. It is most likely that they will need to give employees an environment that welcomes their unique differences. A key element in obtaining a diverse and inclusive environment is maintaining secularity—America's founding principle. 

Gen-Z is the most secular, ethnically, and philosophically diverse generation in American history. And they're impacting traditional methodologies of learning and business through social consciousness and empathy for the world around them. If corporations and schools are to remain relevant, a humanistic and secular strategy is pertinent to establish. 


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Former Board Member of Secular Coalition for Arizona

Directed and facilitated the Secular Studies program for legislatures of the Senate and House of Representatives on Capitol Hill in Phoenix, Arizona, to ensure a secular government is maintained. 

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Participant in Arizona State University (ASU) Project Humanities Workshop, "Dispelling the Myths Series"

Participated in academic dialogue to alleviate stigmas surrounding Heretics, Pagans, Atheists, & Polytheists in social, educational, and business.

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Former DEI Facilitator for the 3rd Largest Behavioral Health Care Provider in Arizona

Curated DEI presentations for the president, VP's, and managerial staff to ensure DEI initiatives were implemented and forecasted for continuous progression. 

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Lecturer for the, "To Be Human is Enough" Series in Arizona High Schools

Administered evidence-based education on the importance of including ideological differences fostering diversity, inclusion in Arizona high schools.

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Robert with Senator Andrea Delassandro of Arizona

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Robert with Senator Juan Mendez


Lecture at Chandler Early College


Robert's philosophy can be summed up in Affinis's mantra: empathy, reason, and dialogue. We prepare a freethinking environment that imbues critical thinking to solve human problems by fostering dialogue to ensure a secular and humanistic approach renders equity. 

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