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About the Founder | President

Robert Peoples is the Founder and President of Affinis Humanity: a non-profit strategizing to alleviate religious discrimination for secular communities in education, business, and government. Since establishing Affinis Humanity in 2016, Peoples has highlighted the problematic woes of racism, women's rights, homophobia, and their connection with societal religiosity. 

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As a former Board Member of Secular Coalition for Arizona, Peoples coordinated and facilitated Secular Studies—the first program of its kind in the nation to educate lawmakers on the importance of maintaining the separation of church and state in all political matters. 

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From providing secular and humanist invocations at the Arizona Senate and House of Representatives to collaborating with Arizona State University's (ASU) Project Humanities program regarding dispelling myths about Humanists and Atheists, he continues to magnify the importance of maintaining a secular nation. 

Affinis Humanity maintains that diversity, equity, and inclusion are only achievable once religion ceases to be the priority. 

At capitol hill in Phoenix Arizona (1) (1).jpg
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