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(n.) Affinis [uh-fin-is] is Latin for Affinity:

  1. a natural liking for or attraction to a person, thing, idea, etc.

  2. a person, thing, idea, etc., for which such a natural liking or attraction is felt.

Image by Gemma Chua-Tran
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Affinis Humanity incorporates Intersectional Humanism (IH) as a secular social model addressing the discriminatory acts religion asserts on gender, sex, and race.


What is Intersectionality?

Intersectionality is an analytical framework for understanding how aspects of a person's social and political identities combine to create different modes of discrimination and privilege. 

What is Humanism?

Humanism is an outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to humans rather than divine or supernatural matters. Humanist beliefs stress the potential value and goodness of human beings, emphasize common human needs, and seek solely rational ways of solving human problems.

We align Intersectionality and Humanism to encourage critical thinking to address the problematic woes that gender, sex, and race face with insular religions. 

Meet The Team

Robert Peoples

Founder & President

Robert Peoples is the Founder and President of Affinis Humanity. As a former Diversity and Inclusion Trainer, Robert knows all too well the importance of intersectional advocacy. He has presented humanist and philosophical presentations in high schools and virtual events. 

Tory Roberg

Political Communications Director

Tory Roberg is a well-respected lobbyist extraordinaire at the Arizona state Capitol, known for her work to promote minority groups and otherwise unpopular issues among the legislative majority. Tory is the owner of Fortitude: an advocacy-based organization that aids businesses and nonprofits with strategic legislative lobbying and communications. 


Tina Chang

International Communications Director

Tina Chang specializes in Asian multi-lingual communications—fluent in Taiwanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. Formerly, she was a teacher of Mandarin in Taiwanese schools. Tina believes that learning different languages changes the way you think and creates an elevated understanding of philosophical ideas.