Affinis [uh-fin-is] is Latin for Affinity: a natural attraction to a person, thing, or idea. Affinis Humanity is a 501 (c3) nonprofit. 

The mantra of Affinis Humanity is: to be human is enough. An unprecedented number of people are questioning their religion. They are also apprehensive about conveying these doubts to others. Once doubt is discovered, it can lead to fractured relationships with family and friends (read here for research).


Affinis Humanity normalizes the humanist narrative to educate and dismantle stigmas surrounding nonreligious communities.


Robert Peoples, Founder & President


Affinis Humanity Coalition is a nonprofit organization promoting the advancement of normalizing humanist narratives in commmunities. 


315 Elliot Rd, Suite 107 #425, Tempe, AZ 85284


Affinis Humanity Coalition is a liaison organization of the Secular Coalition of Arizona. 

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