Affinis Humanity Coalition is a nonprofit organization promoting the advancement of normalizing humanist narratives in commmunities. 

Affinis Humanity Coalition is a liaison organization of the Secular Coalition of Arizona. 


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Audio by Tamisha Hill
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Can women achieve equality under a theocracy?


A vast majority of women are in the closet about their experience with sexism, misogyny, physical, and psychological abuse under the guise of religious authority. It can be difficult for women to navigate around patriarchal hierarchies without yielding to the demands of submission through religious doctrine.

Religious fundamentalism posits a subordinate view of women. Unfortunately, our society judges women on their level of compliance—not their independence.

The HerStory photography campaign provides women a platform to discuss the plights of their religious experience—as well as formulate solutions. A free society begins with the freedom of women. Join our campaign and be an inspiration.


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