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What is Pi?


The Philosophical Inclusion program is a philosophy pilot curriculum designed to acclimate K-12 students with critical thinking that's fun and interactive. The philosophy courses are to be considered electives. 


Universities/colleges provide philosophy courses. Why should grade schools and high schools? 


Colleges provide English, math, science, and history. Why should primary and high schools? This logic is just not sufficient. Educational facilities, now are structured to where students natural proclivity to question is undesirable by faculty. The greatest tool youth possess to ensure their success is their skepticism—the ability to examine and seek resolution. 


Philosophy is too advanced for grade and high schoolers. 


In her 2012 book, The Philosophical Child, author Jana Mohr Lone recalled an important lesson she taught about the nature of existence to a fifth-grade class. The question she asked was, "how do we know we're real and not apart of a virtual simulation?" A bright 10-year-old girl provided this response: 


"Okay, maybe I can't know that I am not just the mind of a computer or living in a cave and seeing only shadows. But what I can know is that if I'm thinking about what I can know, I can be sure that at least there is me thinking, even that's all I can know about myself or anything else."


In the book, Lone writes, "I told her that the philosopher René Descartes had come to a similar conclusion almost four hundred years ago."


In this current climate of proselytizing pseudo-information, the know-how for youth to think formally for themselves is more imperative than ever! Currently, a partnership with ASU philosophy faculty members and state politicians to bring Pi into fruition is underway. Donations and volunteers are essential to accomplish this goal by the start of the school year 2020.